My work is about layers, and the relationship between micro- and macro-cosmos. The structure of cells and blood vessels under the skin make me think of groups of islands in the ocean and rugged coastlines. My challenge is to pull these two worlds together in one image. In this, skin is the guideline and source of inspiration. I enjoy picking and scratching in the surface of the paint. For me, damage and corrosion add to the beauty and soul of the work. 
Movie Exhibiton about The Landscape from above and nearby.

At times I use animal skins in my work. The series 'Skin-scapes' of 2008 show the layers of the skin, and the view under the skin. In 2009 'Earth-scapes' came about. The source of inspiration for this series of Coastlines was satellite pictures and photographs of the earth. In 2013 a new series was born; Layers. Comments on Art & Inspiration you can read on my blog Huidlandschappen

Besides my landscape canvases, I work with things I find. Combining these with oil paints makes them new. The 'Landscapes' series brings things found outside in nature inside. In other works I take rusted artifacts found in industry, or on the street, or from the garbage. Out of their original context they show something new.